CrysalisTM Control

Crysalis Control is a full-feature app giving operators full-control of both UAS assets and payloads through either virtual or physical joysticks. Through the intuitive Crysalis user interface, operators have access to mission planning, aircraft and payload control, UAS operational hand-offs and more. The customer-centric user interface (UI) provides a standardized User Experience (UX) across compatible UAVs, streamlining operations, reducing cross-training, and increasing retention, which leads to a reduction of operational burden/cognitive load during missions.

The Crysalis Control app is compatible with and can be hosted on Android®, Windows® and Linux™-based end-user devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. The Crysalis Control app is natively compatible with AeroVironment’s complete suite of Digital Data Link (DDL) modules and antennas for multi-mission versatility.

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