Training & Support Services


AeroVironment specializes in student-centered learning using state-of-the-art, interactive 3D digital training media that aid in the retention of information and promote student participation. Courses include simulator-focused mission scenarios providing a real world digital experience, hands-on practical exercises, mission planning and live unmanned operations in a safe and controlled environment.

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) Services

AeroVironment is dedicated to providing a full range of ISR services that are cost efficient and operationally effective. Our team is ready to mobilize quickly, 24-hours a day, to protect lives, property, resources and critical infrastructure, and we are committed to meet our customers’ requirements and mission needs.


Our logistics personnel ensure our customers achieve mission success by providing quality products and the best-value logistics support anywhere in the world. Whether it's establishing a forward depot in Iraq to support large-scale UAS fleets or supporting a single mission here at home, our commitment is the same.