Corporate Social Responsibility

AeroVironment was founded upon the vision of applying aerospace technology to pressing environmental challenges. Fifty years later, our commitment to environmental stewardship is enshrined in our purpose statement: to secure lives and advance sustainability through transformational innovation. 

In line with these founding principles, AeroVironment has developed and deployed thousands of cost-effective, battery-powered unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that can be reused countless times to deliver crucial information in high-risk operating environments. We have also pioneered high-altitude, solar-powered UAS with the goal of delivering connectivity options to people in remote areas of the planet, quickly and efficiently, from the stratosphere. These highly efficient solutions not only reduce energy consumption, but by virtue of their portability and simplicity, also reduce their operating footprint and the impact of their operators on the environment. Furthermore, the strategic use of the Aerovironment supply chain minimizes our manufacturing footprint.

AeroVironment aims to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through our inherently efficient solutions and also through our corporate responsibility efforts. We are committed to conducting business in an ethical, environmentally sensitive and proactive manner, consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship and social responsibility. 

Our goals are to conserve natural resources and minimize waste through source reduction and recycling; handle and dispose of waste through safe, environmentally responsible methods; and encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. We will translate these goals into measurable actions to ensure AeroVironment, along with our employees, stockholders, customers, and suppliers, are aligned with the objective of advancing sustainability.

These actions will include the following:
• Measure and report our energy and water consumption
• Report the clean composition of the electricity consumed
• Achieve ISO 14001 certification
• Establish improvement goals for the future

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