The catapult-launched, runway independent T-20 fixed wing UAS offers best in class endurance delivering 24+ hours of mission duration, an operational range of 185 km (115 mi) and BLOS capabilities. The portable catapult launching system can be set up and operational in less than 60 minutes within a small operational footprint. With a useable payload capacity of 50 lbs., the high-performance T-20 is multi-mission capable, with fully integrated payload pallets, as well as superior optics featuring premium imaging sensors such as Cloud Cap - TASE 200 & 400 Series, gyro stabilized EO/IR gimbal sensors with continuous zoom, onboard GPS/INS and video processing. In addition, the T-20 features a common autopilot and ground control system architecture providing a highly customizable, modular platform which can be custom-configured to meet operational or customer requirements.

Link Range

185 km (115 mi)


Wingspan: 18.8 ft (5.7 m)
Length: 9.6 ft (2.9 m)


225 lb MGTOW (102 kg)
Fuel & Payload


24+ hr

Useable Payload Capacity

Up to 50 lb (22.7 kg)

Power Supply

MOGAS 190 cc
EFI Engine

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