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Innovation is in our DNA. And nowhere is that idea practiced more profoundly than at MacCready Works Advanced Solutions. Named for our founder, Dr. Paul B. MacCready, Jr., this uniquely talented team of scientists and engineers collaborate with our customers to push technology beyond what’s possible today.

MacCready Works is a place where imagination is celebrated, no challenge is too great, and the long-term benefits of scientific breakthroughs prevail over short-term interests. The cutting-edge concepts developed here form the basis of future applications that keep our customers at the forefront of a rapidly changing world.

Building on 50+ years of experience with unmanned aircraft, robotic systems, sensors, AI, and software analytics, the MacCready Works team pioneers highly autonomous and interconnected systems that operate jointly across multiple domains. The advances we achieve accelerate decision-making, improve accuracy, and add flexibility—all critical components of mission success. But no matter how impressive our inventions prove themselves in the field, we’re most excited about what we have yet to imagine.

History of Firsts

Raven UAS Image

Raven UAS

First to deploy 1000s of backpack portable UAVs to U.S. Armed Forces in a single year

View Raven
Switchblade Image


First operational deployment of back-packable loitering munition system

View Switchblade
Blackwing Image


First submarine-launched loitering ISR system for U.S. Navy

View Blackwing
Nano Air Vehicle Image

Nano Air Vehicle

First flapping wing nano UAV with tri-axis control

View Nano
Mars Helicopter Image

Mars Helicopter

First aircraft to fly on another planet. Developed rotor, propulsion system, structure, landing gear

View Ingenuity Helicopter
Solar HAPS Image

Solar HAPS

Next generation unmanned aircraft system for global connectivity and defense


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