Crysalis Command GCS

Crysalis Command GCS is AeroVironment’s modular and flexible ground control system for UAS operations from semi-fixed positions. Designed for extended range operations up to 20 km, Crysalis Command is ideal for command-level operations where mobility may not be priority. The system gives operators full control of multiple UAS and payloads through the available keyboard or trackpad on a ruggedized Panasonic™ laptop or through tactile joysticks on the connected Crysalis™ Controller Lite. Additional components include AeroVironment’s Standard Range Antenna, cabling, accessories and dual hot-swappable batteries that allow for extended operations.


Ruggedized Panasonic™ Laptop w/ Crysalis™ Controller Lite
Crysalis™ Control
Standard Range Antenna (20 km)
Dual BB-2557 (Hot-Swappable)
Crysalis Command Configuration

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