TEL600 Line of Service Vehicles

For Onsite Transport and Command

A comprehensive approach to the threat of criminal and terrorist attacks means preventing as well as responding to them. At AeroVironment, we offer solutions that do both, including service vehicles and mobile checkpoints.

AeroVironment’s multifunction service vehicles are specifically organized and designed to transport and operate robots and all necessary specialist equipment to the scene of an emergency. Their high-performance air conditioning and power supplies make them ideally suited for protracted and complex scenarios.

We offer service vehicles in a variety of sizes. Years of experience integrating UGVs with custom mobile service vehicles allows us to work with customers to configure to their specific needs.

TEL610 Service Vehicle

For Rapid Response

Highly mobile and compact, TEL610 can deliver a telemax EVO, Robo Command Control Station and other equipment in the shortest time possible, enabling emergency services to begin investigation, reconnaissance and intervention immediately. They can be linked with larger service vehicles as they arrive on scene. The TEL610 is the perfect support vehicle for VIP convoys and can be armor-plated on request.

TEL620 Service Vehicle

The Perfect Mix of Space, Weight, Speed and Maneuverability

Ideally suited for use in tight urban environments as well as open terrain, these inconspicuous vehicles offer space for up to two robots and customized storage for a wide range of equipment. Their size accommodates a variety of configurations, for instance, as a mobile command room or CBRNE reconnaissance station.

TEL640 Service Vehicle

Clear Division of Tasks

With a box body large enough to accommodate separate work areas—a driver’s cab, command room and workshop—TEL640 offers ample space for five emergency personnel to focus on their individual responsibilities while accommodating at least two robots and a full range of equipment. Fully customizable, TEL640 emergency vehicles are used at airports or in suburbs for bomb disposal tasks and CBRNE assessment.

TEL650 Service Vehicle

For Optimum Protection and Greatest Capacity

Designed for complex, multi-robot responses to situations where emergency forces may be exposed to an attack, these armor-plated vehicles offer ample space for robots and equipment as well as the control center. Other safety features include bullet-proof tires, a protected engine and fuel tank.

Versions of the TEL650 provide direct driver access from the cab to the working area. Other modifications can include an explosion-proof chamber for the transport of explosives and an airlock for onboard robot sampling of hazardous substances.

Mobile Checkpoints

Screening Where You Need It

Mobile checkpoints offer event organizers the same level of security achieved by passenger screening at international airports. Customized for events of all sizes, they can be deployed quickly and provide the highest level of security with minimal delay and inconvenience for visitors.

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One of the latest instagram posts about ugv
One of the latest instagram posts about ugv
One of the latest instagram posts about ugv