Adaptability is the key to AeroVironment's innovative Blackwing UAS. It incorporates an advanced, miniature electro-optical and infrared sensor for rapid-response intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. With its built-in secure Digital Data Link (DDL™), Blackwing can deliver cross-domain command-and-control relay operations among undersea and surface vessels, unmanned underwater vehicles, and is interoperable with AeroVironment’s family of UAS. And its modular payload bay enables a range of mission objectives.

Blackwing can be deployed from a submerged submarine using an underwater-to-surface delivery canister or a surface ship or mobile ground vehicle via tube or multipack launcher. The system’s small size and quiet motor make it difficult to detect, recognize, or track, even at close ranges.

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Product Specs

Rapid Launch Rapid-Response ISR
Weight 4 lbs
Launch Method Underwater-to-Air Delivery Canister, Tube, MPL
Tactical Data Relay UAS to UUV
Able to assess Below Line of Sight targets
Modular payload
Integrated EO/IR Sensor Suite Front and side look day/night cameras
Observables Very low visual, thermal, and acoustic signatures
Comms DDL-Joint, Interoperable, Encrypted, Wideband
Wingspan 27 inches
Length 19.5 inches
Diameter 3"

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