Puma LE

At just 22.5 pounds, this ultra-lightweight Group 2 aircraft is launchable by hand or bungee and provides up to 5.5 hours flight endurance, delivering Group 2 capabilities in a Group 1 footprint while stowed efficiently in a two-case mission packout. Puma LE is All Environment and provides an operational range of 60 km in land and maritime environments when used with our Long-Range Tracking Antenna. The secondary payload bay offers dedicated power and Ethernet, providing 3.4 lb of payload capacity in addition to the integrated Mantis i45 gimbaled EO/IR sensor and NVG-visible laser illuminator for expanded mission capabilities. Its plug-and-play, interoperable LRU components can be shared across other Puma AE aircraft.

Link Range

20 km, 60 km with LRTA


Wingspan: 15 ft (4.6 m)
Length: 7.3 ft (2.2 m)


22.5 lb (10.2 kg) with Mantis i45
26 lb (11.8 kg) MGTOW* - Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight


5.5 hr with Mantis i45

Total Payload Capacity

5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

Group 2 Capabilities, Group 1 Footprint

This ultra-lightweight, hand-launchable, Group 2 aircraft provides unprecedented long endurance capabilities by nearly doubling the time on station of Puma 3. It features 5.5 hours of flight endurance and a 60+ km range when used with the Long Range Tracking Antenna (LRTA).

Increased Mission Capability

Puma LE features the Mantis i45 EO/IR gimbaled payload and all environment capability for deployment on land or maritime environments. Increased payload capacity of up to 5.5 lb makes it easy to integrate a variety of third-party payloads per mission requirements into its secondary payload bay with a dedicated power supply and Ethernet.

Interoperability with Puma All Environment UAS

By leveraging the existing Puma RQ-20B and Puma 3 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), Puma LE allows any current Puma AE Family user to easily upgrade fielded systems.

Optimized Packout for Mission Flexibility

Mission optimization features include an economical dual-case packout that contains everything needed to perform two complete 5.5-hour missions with a single aircraft and Ground Control System (GCS).