Puma 3 AE

This third-generation Puma 3 AE (All Environment) is equipped with the powerful Mantis i45 gimbaled payload for use in day, night, or low-light environments, and for land or maritime operations. It features an array of communication frequencies (M1/2/5 and M3/4/6), all protected with powerful AES-256 bit encryption, and a reinforced airframe with an optional under wing transit bay for secondary payloads and third-party applications. With both manual and autonomous navigation capability, Puma 3 AE's newly-enhanced propulsion system makes it significantly more efficient and easier to hand-launch. Deep-stall landing capability makes aircraft recovery simple and precise.

Link Range

20 km, 60 km with LRTA


Wingspan: 9.2 ft (2.8 m)
Length: 4.6 ft (1.4 m)


15 lb (6.8 kg)


2.5 hr with Mantis i45

Multi-Mission Capable ISR

The new, more powerful propulsion system makes Puma 3 AE significantly more efficient and easier to launch, especially in high altitudes and hotter climates. Puma 3 AE delivers 2.5 hours of flight endurance to support diverse mission requirements.

Increased Capacity for Payloads

This all environment aircraft features the Mantis i45 gimbaled payload with high-resolution 50x zoom EO camera, LWIR, Low Light sensor, and high-power laser illuminator. An optional under wing transit bay is available for easy integration of additional third-party payloads to meet diverse applications.

Improved Durability & Aerodynamic Design

The aircraft has been redesigned with more aerodynamic rounded edges to reduce wind drag and increase launch efficiency. The fuselage is significantly stronger with a reinforced shell construction enabling it to endure landing after landing thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Reduced Packout

With a 33% reduced packout, Puma 3 AE delivers a flyable mission configuration in a single case, reducing its logistics footprint.