Supporting conventional or special operations forces in the field or from fixed defensive positions, the combat-proven Switchblade with patented wave-off feature is the ideal loitering missile for use against beyond-line-of-site targets. Back-packable and rapidly deployable from air, sea or ground platforms, Switchblade features increased lethality, reach and precision strike capabilities with low collateral effects. Remotely piloted or flown autonomously, Switchblade can provide real-time GPS coordinates and video for information gathering, targeting, or feature/object recognition. The vehicle's small size and quiet electric motor make it difficult to detect, recognize, and track, even at close range.


10 km


15 min


5.5 lb (2.5 kg), fits inside rucksack (includes payload, launcher, transport bag)


63 MPH Cruise, 100 MPH Dash

Rapidly Deployable Loitering Missile System

Designed for use in engaging beyond-line-of-sight targets with lethal effects, Switchblade is deployable via tube-launch from land, sea, mobile or air organic platforms.

Virtually Undetectable

With very small visual, thermal, and acoustic signatures, this vehicle is difficult to detect, recognize and track even at very close range.

Wave-off Capability

This low collateral, precision strike missile can be waved off and recommitted against moving targets in highly dynamic environments.

Optional Launch Platforms

Air Vehicle, Ground Vehicle, Water Craft, Multi-Pack Launcher