Trace Stevenson

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Uncrewed Systems

Trace Stevenson

Trace Stevenson has served as the Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Uncrewed Systems since 2023. Prior to that he served as Vice President and General Manager of our Small Unmanned Systems Product Line which has shipped over 33,000 small unmanned aircraft to customers worldwide.

He was also served as Deputy General Manager UAS and was responsible for the leadership of our Emerging Business overseeing our HAPS business where he served as a Board Member of HAPSMobile, a Joint Venture with SoftBank. He also was responsible for the integration efforts of any merger or acquisition and for the strategic and tactical execution of the UAS P&L. Trace has held various leadership roles within AV, including leading our International Business Unit where he was responsible for the support of over 40 International customers. He also led and was responsible for the execution of our top strategic initiatives such as the establishment of a Joint Venture in a foreign country.

He says AV is a great place to work because:

"Knowing that when you come to work every day you are doing something that makes a difference in the world by protecting our warfighters and allies who are preserving our freedom.”

Trace has 20 years of experience in the defense industry and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics from the University of Kansas.