The all-electric VAPOR helicopter unmanned aircraft system is extremely versatile and can be custom configured to support a variety of mission requirements. Featuring military-grade components, VAPOR is powered by proprietary HeliSynth™ technology, delivering precision flight performance, exceptional endurance, and maximum payload flexibility for defense, commercial, and industrial applications. The helicopter's expansive payload bay offers up to 10 lb of usable payload capacity, accommodating a variety of integrated sensors and third-party payloads including gimbaled EO/IR, survey-grade PPK mapping, LiDAR, and hyperspectral sensors, as well as a Drop/Delivery mechanism. VAPOR's ground control system and advanced autopilot enable operators to optimize these capabilities by planning, simulating and executing missions automatically.

Link Range

8 km standard GCS

Max Endurance

Cruise: 60 min, Hover: 45 min

Useable Payload

5 – 10 lb (2.3 – 4.5 kg)

Gross Weight

32 – 55 lb (14.5 – 24.9 kg)

Intelligently Designed to Perform

The all-electric VAPOR helicopter UAS features military-grade components, aerodynamic rotor blade design, advanced system optimization, and high-density, lithium-polymer batteries.

Versatile Payload Flexibility

An expansive, modular payload bay allows for multiple payload options including EO/IR, survey-grade PPK mapping, LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors, and Drop/Delivery mechanisms.

Multi-Mission Capable

Heavy lift capabilities, one hour endurance, payload flexibility, and precision flight performance allow VAPOR to successfully complete a variety of complex mission sets.

Precision Flight Control

Fully automatic flight operation allows VAPOR to complete missions without operator intervention and with dynamic retasking to ensure safety, reliability and mission execution.

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One of the latest instagram posts about vaporhelicopter