Training & Support Services


AeroVironment provides advanced training courses for a wide range of UAS applications and tactical situations. We train each student to develop a comprehensive understanding of the selected UAS solution, including safety, operational proficiency, aircraft maintenance and air space management. Our world-class instructors have trained thousands of military and law enforcement personnel how to fully exploit the capabilities of our UAS system to accomplish their mission objectives. At AeroVironment we know that it’s more than just a small plane that leads to mission success.

Support Services

AeroVironment is committed to supporting our customers with the same level of excellence expected from our unmanned aircraft. We are dedicated to providing cost efficient mission services; best-value logistics support and advanced training services. Customers who require the information generated by small UAS but who may not wish to purchase and operate the equipment themselves can contract with AeroVironment for turnkey mission flight services. Qualified operators are deployed to locations around the world to provide small UAS-generated reconnaissance video and other information to support various mission requirements.

Our UAS customer support and service team is at your service ready to mobilize quickly, 24 hours a day, to complete your mission protecting lives, property and critical infrastructure.

UAS Logistics

AeroVironment's UAS Logistics serves to ensure our customers achieve mission success by providing quality products and the best-value logistics support anywhere in the world so they can proceed with certainty. Whether it's establishing a Forward Depot in Iraq to support large-scale UAS fleets or supporting an individual customer need, for a single mission here at home, our commitment is the same.

Our UAS logistics support solutions include:

Mission Services/Mobile Operators

AeroVironment is a UAS service provider optimized to deliver a full range of UAS mission flight services for both military support and commercial applications. Utilizing AeroVironment's proven UAS solutions, such as Raven®, Wasp® and Puma™ AE, Puma™ LE and VAPOR, our certified operators, with an average of 20 years military experience, are committed to providing cost efficient and operationally effective aerial monitoring capabilities to the satisfaction of our clients mission requirements. For both maritime and land-based applications, our UAS Service Team is ready to mobilize quickly, 24-hours a day, to protect lives, property, resources and critical infrastructure.