Ftuas-bus-update pr

AeroVironment Provides FTUAS and Business Update

May 25, 2023 (Press Releases)
Company Remains Well Positioned for Growth Despite FTUAS Loss ARLINGTON, Va., May 25, 2023... Read More

Can American Switchblades Help Ukraine Win the War?

May 18, 2023 (AV in the News)
In late April, a more powerful version of a U.S. drone made its appearance on the battlefields of... Read More
Breakingdefense sb

Breaking Defense: After ‘Inflection Point’ of Ukraine, Switchblade Maker AeroVironment Unveils Upgrades, Goes Global

May 11, 2023 (AV in the News)
SOF WEEK 2023 — California firm AeroVironment has been producing loitering munitions and other... Read More
Pumavtol pressreleaseimage

AeroVironment Introduces VTOL Kit for Puma AE UAS

May 09, 2023 (Press Releases)
New vertical take-off and landing kit expands operational capabilities and streamlines constrained... Read More
10m mars sample return pr

AeroVironment Awarded $10 Million Contract by NASA/JPL to Co-Design and Develop Two Helicopters for Mars Sample Return Mission

May 02, 2023 (Press Releases)
The success of Ingenuity Mars helicopter, co-designed and co-developed by AeroVironment and... Read More
Switchblade 64.6m contract pr

AeroVironment Awarded $64.6 Million Contract by U.S. Army for Switchblade 300 Loitering Missile Systems

April 26, 2023 (Press Releases)
Contract includes first-time Switchblade system foreign military sales to two allied nations... Read More

How Makers of the Switchblade Suicide Drone are Changing the Ukraine War

April 11, 2023 (AV in the News)
If it wasn’t for Western weapons, the war in Ukraine most likely would have ended weeks after it... Read More
Sb300b20 introduction pr

AeroVironment Introduces Switchblade 300 Block 20 Rapidly Deployable Loitering Missile System

March 28, 2023 (Press Releases)
Building on AeroVironment’s tactical missile legacy, the Switchblade 300 Block 20 offers enhanced... Read More
Us-army-jump-20-ftuas increment2 pr

U.S. Army Selects AeroVironment JUMP 20 Medium Unmanned Aircraft System to Enter Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) Program Increment 2

March 01, 2023 (Press Releases)
AeroVironment is the only company to secure an award for all FTUAS program increments, including... Read More