COVID-19 Information & Resources

COVID-19 Information & Resources

Please refer to the resources below for information regarding COVID-19.

Fear and anxiety about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Learning to cope with this extreme stress will help make us stronger as a community at a time when that strength will be needed most.

Coronavirus Stress: Strategies for Coping Video

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Toolkit

Meditation Toolkit

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CuraLinc offers a variety of remote and digital access points that allow participants to address stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship issues and grief from the privacy of their own home, including:
  • VIDEO. eConnect® CuraLinc’s video counseling platform, is a confidential and secure technology-based counseling medium that provides members with video and web chat access to licensed masters- and doctorate-level mental health professionals who possess a BC-TMH (Board Certified TeleMental Health accreditation), as well as experience in distance counseling. Participants can schedule a 30- or 60-minute counseling session at their convenience.
  • PHONE. CuraLinc’s licensed and experienced mental health clinicians are available around-the-clock, every day of the year, to provide immediate support and guidance to employees who are trying to cope with Coronavirus-related anxiety.
  • TEXT THERAPY. Textcoach™ is a convenient and stigma-free message-based therapy application. Through a secure desktop and mobile platform, licensed counselors (also known as ‘Coaches’) help participants boost emotional fitness and wellbeing via an exchange of text messages, voice notes, tip sheets, resource links and videos.
· LIVE CHAT. Available through CuraLinc’s web and mobile platforms, Live Chat is an excellent avenue to connect quickly to care, like Textcoach™, it’s not a suitable modality for employees with severe or acute conditions.


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AeroVironment | Educational Assistance Program AeroVironment is committed to providing employees with the tools and skills necessary to perform the individual’s role and responsibilities. Developing our employees is critical to our success and we recognize that outside resources may be required to meet this objective. We also recognize that employees may want to expand their skillsets in areas beyond their current role as well. We as a company want to support those personal objectives. The Educational Assistance Program covers both company required and non-required training. Assistance for required training will cover course fees, time and travel. Approved non-required training will be covered up to $1,000.00 per year. AeroVironment | Tuition Assistance Program Continued education offers reward and benefit to both the employee and the Company. To assist employees with reaching their educational goals, AeroVironment offers a Tuition Assistance Program. Coursework must be completed at a regionally accredited institution. Coursework, unless otherwise stipulated in the Program, is not required to be associated with a degree or certification program. Vocational, technical, and/or trade school programs may also qualify. Undergraduate, certificate program, vocational and trade school coursework may be in an area of study related to the business or industry. Graduate degree programs must be related to the employee’s present position (job-related) or provide development for a future identified position in the company. Undergraduate level and other courses not related to a degree program will be reimbursed up to $5,250.00 per calendar year. Graduate degree program courses will be reimbursed up to $8,000.00 per year.

Tuition - 63090
Discretionary Education - 63110
Employer Required Seminars and Training - 63080


Tuition Reimbursement Program Policy Application Tuition Assistance Application for Education Assitance Education Assistance Policy

Paydays occur every two weeks on Friday. Pay is for the two week period ending the Friday before your check is distributed. Through the Workday portal you have the ability to view pay stubs, add/change direct deposit account information and update federal and state tax withholdings. For additional support, please review the Employee Self-Service Job Aids that are available on the Workday homepage.


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