Puma™ LE

Puma LE (Long Endurance) joins the Puma All Environment Family and provides the warfighter with superior imagery for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance during day and night operations in All Environment (AE) conditions. This ultra-lightweight Group 2 aircraft provides 5.5 hours of flight endurance and a 60+ km range when used with the Long Range Tracking Antenna (LRTA). Puma LE contains a secondary payload bay with dedicated power and Ethernet that enables integration of multi-mission payloads. The secondary payload bay provides 3.4 lbs. of payload capacity in addition to the Mantis i45 for expanded mission capabilities. The aircraft has a total payload capacity of 5.5 lbs. and features a two-case mission pack out, delivering Group 2 capabilities in a Group 1 footprint.

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Product Specs

Payloads Mantis i45 Gimbaled payload with dual 15mp EO cameras, 50xf zoom, IR camera and low light camera for night operations, and high power illuminator. Secondary Payload Bay: integrates multi-mission payloads including Electronic Warfare, Communications Relay and others.
Total Payload Capacity 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Range 20 km, up to 60 km with LRTA
Endurance 5.5 hours with Mantis i45
Speed 46-76 km/h, 25 knots cruise, 41 knots dash
Wing Span 15 ft (4.6m)
Length 7.3 ft (2.2 m)
Weight 26 lbs. (11.8 kg) MGTOW
GCS Common GCS with Puma, Raven and Wasp AE
Operating Altitude 500 ft (152 ml) AGL Max Launch Alt 10,000 (3048 ml)
Launch & Recovery Method Hand-launched, bungee launch (optional) Autonomous or manual skid landing

Group 2 Capability in Group 1 Footprint

This ultra-lightweight Group 2 aircraft provides unprecedented long endurance capabilities by nearly doubling the time on station of Puma 3. It features 5.5 hours of flight endurance and a 60+ km range when used with the Long Range Tracking Antenna (LRTA).

Increased Mission Capability

Puma LE features All-environment capability for deployment in land or maritime environments. Increased payload capacity of up to 5.5 lbs. makes it easy to integrate a variety of payloads according to mission requirements with its dedicated secondary payload bay with in-bay power supply and Ethernet.

Interoperability with Puma All-Environment Family

By leveraging the existing Puma RQ-20B and Puma 3 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), Puma LE allows any current Puma AE Family user to easily upgrade fielded system.