For conventional or special operations forces, in the field or from fixed defensive positions, AeroVironment’s combat-proven Switchblade is the ideal loitering munition for use against beyond-line-of-site targets. Back-packable and rapidly deployable from air, sea or ground platforms, Switchblade provides operators with increased lethality, reach and precision strike capabilities with low collateral effects.

Remotely piloted or flown autonomously, Switchblade can provide real-time GPS coordinates and video for information gathering, targeting, or feature/object recognition. The vehicle’s small size and quiet electric motor make it difficult to detect, recognize, and track, even at very close range.

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Product Specs

GCS Common Ground Control Station for Raven, Wasp AE and Puma AE
Range 10 km radius of operation
Endurance 10 min
Speed 55 to 85 kts
Operational Altitude Below 500 feet AGL (ceiling >15,000 feet MSL)
Weight Fits inside ALICE pack, approx. 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) (includes payload, launcher and transport bag)
Launch Method Self contained ground launch
Observables Very small visual, thermal and acoustic signatures
Lethality Precision strike with very low collateral damage
Optional Launch Platforms Air vehicle, ground vehicle, water craft, etc.

Aerodynamic Design

Very small visual, thermal, and acoustic signatures with a 10+ km radius of operation 10+ minute endurance and speed ranging from 55 to 85 kts.


Low collateral precision strike warhead.


IR camera and dual forward and side look EO cameras.

Man Packable and Rugged

Ruggedly deployable and tube launched. Fits inside ALICE pack weighing approximately 5.5 lbs (includes payload, launcher, and transport bag).