Digital Data Link

SUAS DDL™ is small size, lightweight, and low power bi-directional, digital, wireless video link. Compliant with the Small Unmanned Airborne Systems Digital Data Link (SUAS DDL) waveform, it can also be used to enable enhanced command and control of small UAS. DDL is IP-based to enable maximum flexibility and interoperability between small airborne and ground systems with limited power availability, and bandwidth to maximize the number of systems that can operate within an area.

Product Specs

Size 2" x 5" x 0.5"
Weight 98 grams
Tx Power 1.5 watts
Rx Sensitivity –90 dBm
Power Consumption 9 watts
Operating Voltage 5.5 volts
Data Rate 4.5 Mbps
Supported Compression N/A
Interfaces Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485

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