360 Multi-Sector Antenna

The 360 Multi-Sector Antenna (MSA) enables 360° long-range command and control between the antenna array and Puma™ AE UAS for maritime applications. Commanding Officers (COs) can maintain complete control of Puma AE and payload with the 360 MSA. Additionally, it enables the bridge and combat team with mission planning, real time moving map, high resolution imagery, and contact status capability. The 360 MSA allows the vessel’s CO to maintain a mission heading without constant re-direction from a diminished link with Puma AE. The system provides a robust 360-link by analyzing the downlink data quality and using a routing/switching mechanism to automatically switch between antenna patches with greater margin, thus ensuring a strong and consistent link with Puma AE.

The 360 MSA is designed specifically to provide naval operators with immediate tactical situational awareness. The system incorporates 24 high-gain, auto-selective antennas to enable continuous operation out to 20km. The 360 MSA range is equivalent if not better than the current ground control station patch directional antenna and with diversity offers reduced probability of multi-path link loss. The 360 MSA is considered a ‘temp alt’ for maritime vessels.

Product Specs

Link Range Puma AE 20 km nominal range to DDL-equipped Puma AE
Azimuth Coverage 360 degrees continuous
Antenna Beam Width (3DB) M3/4/6: >20 degrees Vertical
DDL Operating Bands M3/4/6
Weight, Deployed 294 lbs (Does not include weight of cabling, laptop and shipping container)
Individual Radome Dimensions 39" length x 21" width x 25" height (including 9.5" high mounting bracket0
MSA Antenna Power 95 z-265V ac, 49 - 420 Hx, 130 W (nominal), 180 W (maximum) (with power supply)
Voter Laptop Power 120/240 V ac, 50 - 60 Hz

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