VAMPIRE® (Visualization and Mission Planning Integrated Rehearsal Environment) flight simulator software solution adds advanced training capability to AeroVironment’s small UAS. This operational training tool is used to teach, develop or maintain the abilities of operators in a highly realistic, simulated environment. It provides full flight training operations and mission rehearsal in realistic 3-D terrain with detailed builds of selected manmade features, moving humans and vehicles.

VAMPIRE is 100% hosted on the fielded UAS equipment (no additional hardware requirements) and allows operators to train and rehearse operator and mission-level tasks for each system. Closely integrated and correlated with the FalconView flight planning software currently used by UAS operators, VAMPIRE simulates operator tasks such as route and mission planning as well as in-flight tasks such as target tracking and reaction to emergency procedures. VAMPIRE also allows users to build tactical scenarios on geo-specific terrain databases built from satellite source imagery.

VAMPIRE provides critical training capabilities that are perpetually accessible to the warfighter regardless of weather, airspace, or tactical limitations.