Sensors and Capabilities

AeroVironment does more than put an eye in the sky. We complement the visible light cameras aboard our unmanned aircraft systems with infrared sensors, giving our military and commercial customers more ways to see the world around them. Used in combination, these sensors generate data that can be used to compile a richer, more revealing picture of the landscape.

The perfect example is our Mantis™ suite of gyro-stabilized, gimbaled sensor payloads. This compact, fully waterproof system delivers high-resolution color as well as long-wave to near-infrared images for nighttime and low-light conditions.

AeroVironment complements our advanced sensor systems with software that translates data into actionable intelligence. Kestrel Moving Target Indicator software automatically detects and highlights moving objects, for both real-time and forensic operations. VAMPIRE (Visualization and Mission Planning Integrated Rehearsal Environment) flight simulator software provides accessible critical training capabilities regardless of weather, airspace, or tactical limitations.