Pocket RVT™

The Pocket RVT™ video receiver provides the flexibility and freedom to receive video and data anywhere within the Digital Data Link™ (DDL™) network utilizing any USB display device for a wide range of military and commercial applications.

The ultra-compact, lightweight Pocket RVT provides dismounted ground troops direct access to real-time video downlink images and geodata from any DDL equipped platform. Designed for versatility, this pocket-sized module turns any USB display device into a Remote Video Terminal and can to be worn on a tactical vest or utility belt. Pocket RVT can interface with a wrist worn smartphone, vest mounted tablet or virtually any USB end-user display device.

Key Features

  • Ultra Compact, Lightweight
  • Easy integration into any Tactical Vest/Utility Belt
  • Secure Digital and Analog
  • Multi-Band Reception for Military and Commercial use
  • USB connection to any end-user device running Apps under Windows, Android, or iOS