Medium UAS

Providing Group 4 capabilities in a Group 3 footprint, the JUMP® 20 is a light weight, rapidly deployable, Fixed-Wing VTOL. Combining a usable payload capacity of up to 30 lb, 14+ hours of endurance, and 185 km range, making it the standard bearer for payload and endurance combination among VTOL offerings in its class. The JUMP 20 is a Multi-INT/Multi-Domain fully integrated solution utilizing an open system architecture for easy integration of both existing and emerging payloads.  Field proven with over 150,000 flight hours and operating on several services sites, it is the only aircraft in its class that meets FTUAS objectives and is ready right now.

Image 1: illustrating use of Medium UAS

Proven operation in GPS denied environments

Image 2: illustrating use of Medium UAS

Factory Readiness (MRL 10)

Image 3: illustrating use of Medium UAS

On-the-Move Operations

JUMP 20 is the platform for FTUAS

  • No Runway Required
  • Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Operations
  • Combat proven performance with over 150K hours flown
  • Ease of Operation – two-man operation; easily swap out payloads in 30 minutes
  • Future-Proofed – Adaptable, flexible platform allowing for future payloads, sensor integration with minimal to no upgrade requirements
  • Operationally Ready – FSR’s, training, safety with low maintenance requirements – GOCO, COCO services available

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