Switchblade® 600

Loitering Missile

Switchblade 600 represents the next generation of extended-range loitering missiles, delivering unprecedented RSTA support and featuring high-precision optics, over 40 minutes of loitering endurance, and an anti-armor warhead for engaging larger, hardened targets at greater distances. 

As an all-in-one, man-portable solution, Switchblade 600 includes everything required to successfully plan and execute missions and can be set up and operational in less than 10 minutes. Equipped with class-leading, high-resolution EO/IR gimbaled sensors and advanced precision flight control, Switchblade 600 empowers the warfighter with quick and easy deployment via tube-launch, and the capability to fly, track and engage non-line-of-sight targets and armored vehicles with precision lethal effects without the need for external ISR or fires assets. 

Patented wave-off and recommit capability allows operators to abort the mission at any time and then re-engage either the same or other targets multiple times based on operator command. 

Whether it’s from fixed defensive positions, combat vehicles with integrated organic precision fire, or air-launched applications, Switchblade 600 provides field commanders with a multi-mission loitering missile system capable of multi-domain operations.

Effects on Target

Anti-Armor and Anti-Personnel Effects

Link Range

Threshold: 40 km
Objective: 90+ km


40+ min


AUR: 50 lb (22.7 kg)
Missile: 33 lb (14.97)
System (1 AUR and FCS): 120 lb (54.4 kg)


Cruise: 70 MPH (61 kts)
Dash: 115 MPH (100 kts)


Demonstrated best-in-class performance engaging non line-of-sight targets with over 40 km range, and more than 40 minutes of flight endurance.

All-in-One System

This all-in-one, man-portable loitering missile transports in a self-contained launch tube and includes everything required to successfully execute missions across land, sea or air.

Next Generation Technology

Featuring a gimbaled EO/IR sensor suite of high precision optics, this system features an intuitive touch-screen tablet-based fire control unit with an integrated mission planner, training simulator and patented wave-off/recommit capability that redefines the next generation of extended-range loitering missile systems.

When Precision Counts

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