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C4ISRNET – SOCOM Tech Priorities Webcast

August 19, 2020

Date: 7/7/2020

In connection with C4ISRNET’s SOCOM Technology Priorities Webcast – AeroVironment’s Scott Newbern talks with Mike Gruss (Editor, C4ISRNET) about the challenges and opportunities facing SOCOM & DoD, as well as how AeroVironment is responding with future defining UAS capabilities at the battlefield’s edge.

As a former Special Operations Forces Combat Controller, I’ve been a part of, and have seen, the revolution of Battlefield Air Operations. 

The use of tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), for example, has evolved dramatically since their first deployment on the battlefield nearly 20 years ago – from single mission tools to highly sophisticated, multi-mission capable aircraft that now provide actionable intelligence and the persistent situational awareness needed in today’s dynamic operating environments. LEARN MORE

C4ISRNET Virtual Conference

June 10, 2020

As the world leader in engineering and delivery of tactical unmanned aircraft systems to all branches of the U.S. military for nearly two decades, AeroVironment is working very closely with our customers to address the ever-evolving threat environment, where the deployment of a wide range of weapons and technology is designed to overwhelm and confuse opposing forces.

Inside Unmanned Systems: Mission-Critical Mapping

June 10, 2020

Just-Released Quantix Recon Leverages Survey Assets for the Military Sphere.
But say you have an intel team operating in remote areas when you need high resolution, up-to-date maps and don’t have an internet connection? Or when that team is working independent of a large base and needs to conduct bomb damage assessment without revealing its position? And what if the operators don’t have all that much UAS experience in the first place?

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