A Powerfully Simple Drone Delivering Intelligent Insight

Join us at the 2017 Commodity Classic show to experience a new class of Drone technology that is taking flight.

Commodity Classic 2017
March 2 – 4
Booth: 1236

Quantix™ & AV DSS™ Overview Video

AeroVironment is taking situational awareness to new heights. See how we are re-imaging the field of precision agriculture from the ground up and allowing our customers to proceed with certainty.

Click here to learn more about Quantix.
Click here to learn more about AV DSS.

Interactive Experience

Utilizing touchscreen technology and the latest 3D graphics, AeroVironment’s interactive experience leads you through our portfolio of Commercial Information Solutions including Quantix™, AV DSS™ and Commercial Services. Experience how our portfolio of commercial products can provide you with a truly one-stop, full-service decision-support-system so you can make smarter, quicker decisions that will help increase your revenue and reduce uncertainty and risk.

Demo Experience

Stop by our booth to see a demonstration of AV DSS™ analytics platform, the foundation for powerful data processing. It has easy-to-use mobile interfaces with secure cloud-based data storage. Developed with proprietary algorithms, AV DSS integrates data streams from multiple types of sensors and data collection tools and is capable of securely storing large amounts of image data for historical trend analysis.

Additionally, you can see a demonstration of our intuitive one touch planning & launch interface for Quantix. See for yourself how powerfully simple Quantix is to plan and fly a mission.
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