Precision Agriculture

To grow healthier crops and increase yields, farmers must grow more certain. They must be certain their crops are getting the right amount of water, and that crops are free of insects and disease. Producers must understand plant health to calculate costs and yields. In the past, intelligence of that kind was difficult to obtain. Not anymore. Today, AeroVironment's drones, equipped with optical and multispectral sensors linked to cloud-based data processing, are poised to become as vitally important as any equipment on the farm. With their sophisticated eyes-in-the-sky and extensive monitoring capabilities, farmers can grow with precision and proceed with certainty.


Identify Irrigation

Identify ground topography issues before planting to ensure better water and nutrition delivery throughout the growing season.

Calculate Harvest

Automatically measure the volume of any stockpile quickly and more accurately.

Inspect Crops for

Identify and quantify plant stress areas that require immediate attention and be able to take corrective action to improve plant health and vigor.

Analyze Plant Count
and Gaps

Quickly and accurately gather important plant count and gap information that can be valuable in estimating operational costs and yields.

Start viewing yield from a new perspective  

  • Start seeing the whole picture of your field – from 400 feet up.
  • With unmatched aerial imagery and actionable field data, the answers you need are now available at your fingertips.

Cover all your acres, in a single flight

  • Quantix is the first commercial drone in agriculture that combines the advantages of a vertical take-off with the energy efficiency and range of horizontal flight.
  • Scout more than 400 acres in 45 minutes.

    Built to Last

    Quantix was developed for on-farm reliability and features a durable, lightweight airframe with a one-meter wingspan and carbon fiber spar reinforcement.

Actionable insights; not information overload

Quantix integrates seamlessly with AV DSS™ using advanced research to process high-resolution maps and images of your fields.

With AeroVironment DSS you can:

  • Access stored maps
  • Pinpoint issues in specific fields
  • Detect subtle variations of crop health
  • Compare changes over time to make better decisions
  • Compare RGB of crops to NDVI to view what you can’t see with the human eye

Get the job done right, the first time

Unlike many other agriculture drones Quantix comes with dual built-in 18 megapixel cameras to capture both R,G,B color images down to 1”/pixel and multispectral Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) with high-resolution down to 2cm/pixel. No need to swap cameras and sensors or make extra flights. Quantix incorporates a self-calibrating solar sensor that takes the ambient light to calibrate the multispectral sensor. 

  • NDVI shows variations in crop health
  • With elevation data you can monitor erosion, water management and irrigation

Commercial Flight Services

With AeroVironment’s Commercial Flight Services, you have access to our complete array of advanced sensor technologies and the industry’s most proven drone hardware. Whether you need to precisely assess the drainage properties of an entire field, or accurately determine tree height across large acreage, specialized sensors from multispectral, LiDAR and radiometric thermal can provide a georeferenced look at each of your fields in sharp detail.