Commercial Flight Services

Deeper Remote Sensing Capabilities

With AeroVironment’s commercial flight services, your business operation has access to AeroVironment’s complete array of advanced sensor technologies and the industry’s most proven drone hardware. Whether you need to perform close-up inspections on utility lines, accurately create survey-grade 3D models or monitor plant health across large acreage, we have a comprehensive offering of advanced sensors including multispectral, LiDAR and radiometric thermal that provides a georeferenced look at an area of interest in sharp detail.


  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce uncertainty or risks
  • Higher-fidelity data and analysis
  • Create or add value to existing products or services

Drone Platforms

AeroVironment provides the flexibility to deliver customer solutions to meet diverse business needs. Our Commercial Flight Operators will choose from a portfolio of fixed wing and VTOL drones with advanced sensor options to deliver on your project goals.

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Advanced Sensors

Accurate and high-resolution data collected with a variety of advanced sensors are used to generate precise models of infrastructure, land features and crop health.

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