Shrike VTOL™

Shrike VTOL is a man-packable, Vertical Take-Off and Landing Micro Air Vehicle (VTOL MAV) system. It is a portable, reliable and quiet unmanned aerial platform designed for front-line day/night intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Capable of being deployed by a single operator, Shrike provides immediate and persistent ISR in high-density environments, including urban operations.

Shrike VTOL operates in hover-and-stare or perch-and-stare modes, transmitting real-time persistent ISR to small unit commanders through AeroVironment’s common ground control system (GCS) via a digital data link. AeroVironment’s common GCS interfaces with all of its tactical ISR air vehicles reducing the level of training required and decreasing the time and cost involved.

Shrike’s modular payload bays support multiple missions, including aerial reconnaissance, surveillance, route clearance, counter IED, mapping, hover-and-stare, perch-and-stare and payload delivery.

Product Specs

Payoads High resolutions, Modular EO/IR Gimbal. Perch payload with EO camera. Two fixed EO cameras. Forward-look and down-look.
Range 5 km Line-of-sight with relay capability to extend range
Endurance 40+ minutes
Speed 30 knots
Operating Altitude 500 ft (152 m) AGL
Wing Span 3.0 ft
Weight Less than 5.5 lbs
GCS Common GCS with Puma, Raven and Wasp

More Information

VTOL/Single Operator

Man-packable, quickly deployable, immediate ISR, cluttered environments


40+ minutes of flight endurance with rechargeable smart battery

Integrated EO/IR Sensor

High resolution day/night gimbal operation, 5MP EO, 640x480 IR

Fixed Cameras

Down-looking landing camera and forward-look situational awareness camera, both EO 5MP

Perch and Stare

Remote landing, perch and stare up to 6 hours with full motion video (line of sight or DDL relay to GCS/RVT)