Quantix™ will give users the same air superiority, trusted certainty and security AeroVironment is known for as the leading drone supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense.  Quantix launches a new era of remote sensing for aerial inspections, mapping and actionable insights. It combines the advantages of vertical lift-off and horizontal flight for seamless operations and maximum coverage. Offering a robust and reliable solution empowering users through its fully-automated operation and instant intelligent insight. Quantix easily collects high-resolution imagery quickly and accurately to identify issues before they become costly problems.

QUANTIX/AV DSS™ – Overview

Powerfully-Simple Quantix™ Drone and AV Decision Support System™ provides more than just data; our solution embeds the expertise to interpret, fuse and correlate multi-dimensional data sets. Our powerful algorithms transform the collected raw data into precise, location-based actionable recommendations to help you make smarter, quicker decisions.

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Quantix™/AV DSS™ – Innovative Design, Engineered for Precision Agriculture

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Product Specs

Endurance 45 minutes
Field Coverage per Flight 400 acres; 40km linear range
Wingspan 1 m (3.2 feet)
Camera Sensors Dual 18MP RGB and Multispectral

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Innovative Design

Quantix combines the advantages of vertical lift-off (safe launch and soft landing) with horizontal flight (speed and area of coverage).  Quantix provides 45 minutes of flight endurance and covers more than 400 acres per hour.

Collects Everything in One Pass

With built-in dual 18 MP cameras, Quantix captures twice the imagery within the same amount of time as other drones. It simultaneously collects high-resolution RGB and multispectral R,G,NIR images at 400 ft altitude. It also incorporates a self-calibrating solar sensor, taking ambient light to calibrate the multispectral sensor.

Powerfully Simple – Say Goodbye to the Learning Curve

The operator simply traces their finger over a map displayed on a tablet controller screen to identify the area of interest, then presses the “fly” button and Quantix does the rest. Upon landing, instant insight is provided on the tablet. For deeper analysis, upload your data to AeroVironment's Decision Support System (AV DSS™).