LRTA – Long Range Tracking Antenna System

The LRTA enables long-range command and control within direct line of sight between the antenna and the aircraft. It provides complete control of an aircraft and payload, video display and recording, mission planning, real-time moving map display, status information, and high-resolution image capture. The directional antenna is mounted on a tracking positioner and allows for automatic or manual tracking of an aircraft. An omni antenna provides redundancy and 360-degree coverage with reduced range capabilities.

The LRTA is designed to be operated in a two-tier system, meaning there is a launch and recovery group in the field and a command and control group in a command center. At the appropriate time, the launch and recovery group “hands off” control of the aircraft to the command and control center allowing for a greater situational awareness perimeter. Maximum range is 60 km, but actual performance is based on each SUAS endurance capability.

Product Specs

Link Range, RVT & GCS Mode 60 km nominal range to DDL-equippedUAV
Pan Range 360 degrees continuous
Tilt Range -20 to +90 degrees
DDL Operating Bands M3/M4/M6,M1/M2/M5 in future
Antenna Beam Width [3DB] M3/M4/M6:>6º Horizontal, >7º Vertical
Link Margin @ 60 km Range with FOS UAS M3/M4/M6: 7.2 dB
Fiber Optic Link Distance Up to 2000 m [30 m cable supplied)
Antenna Height [C/L] Above Ground 63 in [min.] / 106 in [max]
Weight Deployed (includes tracking antenna assembly, GCS, cables, battery) 300 lbs (does not include container weight)
Tracking Antenna Power [with UPS/Power Cond.] 90-250 V ac, 47-65 Hz 275 W [nom., heater off] 460 W [max., heater on]
GCS Power 120/240 V ac, 50-60 Hz, TBD W

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