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Tactical ISR

Delivering systems with unrivaled flexibility and capability, AeroVironment’s Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) portfolio consists of lightweight ISR-equipped unmanned aircraft and a ground control system (GCS).  The Puma™ AE, Raven®, Wasp® AE and Shrike VTOL™ are designed to provide valuable ISR and communications, including real-time tactical reconnaissance, tracking, combat assessment and geographic data, directly to the small tactical unit or individual warfighter, thereby increasing flexibility in mission planning and execution.

These small Tactical ISR unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) wirelessly transmit critical live video and other information generated by their payload of electro-optical or infrared sensors directly to a hand-held ground control unit, enabling the operator to view and capture images, during the day or at night, on the control unit. AeroVironment’s common ground control system allows the operator to control the aircraft manually or program it for GPS-based autonomous navigation using operator-designated way-pointswaypoints. The ground control system is designed for durability and ease of use in harsh environments and incorporates a user-friendly, intuitive, graphical user interface. All of our small UAS operate from this common ground control system to reduce training costs and enhance operator flexibility.

All of AeroVironment’s small UAS are designed to be man-portable, assembled without tools in less than five minutes and launched and operated by one person, with limited training required. The efficient and reliable electric motors used are powered by replaceable modular battery packs that can be swapped out quickly, enabling rapid return to flight.

In military applications, these small systems enable tactical commanders to observe around the next corner, to the next intersection or past the ridgeline in real-time. This information facilitates faster, safer movement through urban, rural and mountainous environments and can enable troops to be proactive based on field intelligence. Moreover, providing this critical information reduces the risk to warfighters and to the surrounding population by providing the ability to tailor the military response to the threat.



"Wasp was not only DARPA hard technologically, but it was also DARPA fast in terms of getting it into the hands of the operators."
Dr. Leo Christodoulou


"The Raven has made more of a difference than any other single [unmanned aircraft] system the Defense Department has developed. It's truly revolutionary."
Dyke Weatherington
Deputy Director, Unmanned Warfare
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquistion, Technology & Logistics)
Portfolio Systems Acquistion


"The small, hand-launched system was considered to be invaluable to lower-level commanders due to its ability to be launched quickly when theater- and high-level assets were not available."
Marine Corps Center For Lessons Learned


"In both Iraq and Afghanistan, my Marines prefer not to go outside the wire [the base perimeter] without first sending up a Raven or a Wasp to scan the area and see what's going on. We call the Raven and Wasp our Airborne Flying Binoculars and Guardian Angel."
GySgt. Butler
Infantry Platoon Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, 2008


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