Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems

When the mission is critical and danger looms ahead, the most powerful weapon we can give our warfighters is information. To protect themselves, protect civilian life, and tailor their response to the threat, commanders and troops on the ground need superior tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) - and they need it on demand. AeroVironment’s portfolio of small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) meet that demand, delivering systems with unrivaled flexibility and capability.

Generated by their advanced payload of electro-optical or infrared sensors, our tactical unmanned aircraft - Puma™ AE, Raven® and Wasp® AE - can wirelessly transmit critical live video and other invaluable information directly to our hand-held, ground control system (GCS), empowering troops with real-time tactical reconnaissance, tracking, combat assessment and geographic data. Man-portable and requiring minimal training, all of our small UAS can be assembled without tools, in less than five minutes, and launched and operated by one person. Our efficient and reliable electric motors are powered by replaceable modular battery packs that can be swapped out quickly, enabling rapid return to flight. Designed for durability and incorporating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our ground control system allows manual control of the aircraft or GPS-based autonomous navigation using operator-designated waypoints. And because all of our small UAS operate from this common ground control system, training time and costs are further reduced.

With AeroVironment's Tactical unmanned aircraft systems, tactical commanders can be certain. When they observe around the next corner, to the next intersection, or beyond a distant ridgeline, they can be certain. When and where it matters most to our warfighters, we give them the real-time intelligence they need to move faster, move safer, and proceed with certainty.

Family of Systems

Puma™ LE

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VAPOR All-electric Helicopter UAS

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LRTA – Long Range Tracking Antenna System

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UAS: RQ-11B Raven®

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UAS: Wasp® AE RQ-12A

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UAS: Puma™ 3 AE

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