Proceed with Certainty™

When lives are on the line and time is short, we make certain. Where distances are great, or the terrain is difficult—we make certain. Through our breakthrough, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Tactical Missile Systems, we give soldiers the potentially life-saving information they need to engage and farmers the key data they need to grow. When it matters most, we give people the intelligence they need to decide with confidence and—proceed with certainty.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Quickly and precisely launch one of our proven UAS, outfitting your team with the tactical intelligence, or even the tactical weapon system they need to proceed with certainty and accomplish the mission.

Commercial Information Solutions

Easy, efficient and immediate answers to challenges you face in your field. Our powerfully simple to use ecosystem—Quantix™ and AV Decision Support System™ is taking actionable field intelligence to the next level.