Energy, Infrastructure & Transportation

With thousands of miles of power lines bringing electricity to millions, utility companies can be certain of one thing—the risk of power outages. Water and energy companies can be certain of the vigilance required to keep their canals and pipelines flowing. Railroad companies must ensure that long stretches of tracks are safe and well maintained. But their remoteness and harsh environment can make it difficult to gain real-time situational awareness. Not anymore. Today, AeroVironment's drones deliver advanced capabilities, including long flight, pre-programmed operation and new nano technology for inspecting confined spaces, to empower accurate decision making so energy, infrastructure and transportation companies can proceed with certainty—near or far, day or night, on land or at sea.

Elevate your Inspections with Risk-Free Efficiency

Asset Integrity for
Oil and Gas Applications

Monitor and detect leaks and pipeline movements.

Anomaly Detection and
Integrity Inspections for Utilities

Perform detection and integrity inspections for utility transmission and distribution lines, faults in power lines and view HD imagery of insulators and connections.

Safety Inspections

Perform safety inspections and minimize personnel exposure to climbing utility towers, inspecting railroad bridges and flying low altitude in helicopters.

High Resolution Data
for Change Detection & Predictive Analytics

Obtain high resolution imagery and predictive analytics to monitor change detection.


Identify potential threats

  • Monitor pipelines from 400 feet
  • Detect oil spills or leaks
  • Map coastlines and sea ice


React faster to outages

  • Expedite storm damage assessments
  • Avoid ground-based obstacles
  • Safely inspect infrastructure, power lines, plants and water pipelines


Proactively monitor structural integrity

  • Inspect infrastructure from 400 feet
  • Assess roadways without re-routing traffic
  • Monitor railways and bridges for damage