AeroVironment Decision Support System

AeroVironment provides more than just data; our solution embeds the expertise to interpret, fuse and correlate multi-dimensional data sets. Our powerful algorithms transform the collected raw data into precise, location-based actionable recommendations to help you make smarter, quicker decisions.

Historical Trend Analysis

AeroVironment DSS™ incorporates a comparative swipe tool that allows you to overlay two images to compare data types, drill down in sharp detail, as well as compare data over time for historical trend analysis.

Actionable Intelligent Insights; Not Information Overload

AeroVironment DSS uses industry-leading research to process high-resolution orthomasics, 3D models, volumetric maps and images.

Insight and Answers Now at Your Fingertips

AeroVironment DSS uses dynamic web-based and mobile dashboards and interface with a host of intuitive tools to turn your aerial data into actionable intelligence.